Kit Cacio e Pepe easy comprare on line

Easy Cacio e Pepe

All the necessities of great quality for a real cheese and pepper with attached the recipe of our great chef … So you can not go wrong

Package contents:

  • Gragnano igp spaghetti from 500 g
  • Ready cheese and pepper sauce 200 g
  • Black pepper with grinder 53 g

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Pecorino Romano Dop vacuum packed 350g

Pecorino Romano is a hard cheese produced with fresh whole sheep's milk, coming exclusively from the farms in the production area.

Black pepper with grinder 53 g

Black pepper Marabotto with grind stopper in a 53g package
Marabotto Giacomo e Sons is a family-run company that for three generations has been producing and manufacturing carefully the flavors of the great Italian tradition.

Cacio e Pepe ready sauce 200 g.

The sauce after having just heated it and poured on the pasta ensures an excellent dish in a few minutes. Ideal for those who have little time to prepare lunch and dinner for themselves and their family.

Gragnano igp Spaghetti 500 g

Pasta factory in Rome that uses only extra durum wheat semolina, of national origin, bronze dies to give the product an appearance that is characterized by its roughness and slow drying.

With the ingredients of our CACIO & PEPE EASY kit
everyone can prepare Cacio & Pepe pasta,
the most famous dish of the Roman tradition.
From today you can enjoy your favorite Roman dish at home,
with relatives and friends, just like in a typical trattoria
in the center of Rome..

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Dimensions35 × 23 × 12 cm

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