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Ready-made first courses

For the preparation, only water must be added

Package contents:

  • 1 pack. for 2 portions of Bucatini alla Amatriciana
  • 1 pack. for 2 portions of Carnaroli Risotto with Lemon
  • 1 pack. for 2 portions of Risotto Carnaroli with porcini mushrooms and white truffle oil
  • 1 pack. for 2 portions of Linguine alla Puttanesca

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Three simple steps for a First Chef’s dish!

1 – bring the water to a boil
2 – Pour the contents of the envelope
3 – cooking port without schooling

Each pack contains 2 large portions.
The vacuum pack guarantees quality up to 2 years. The ingredients are naturally dehydrated and do not include chemical or animal additives * so as to be perfectly suitable even for those who follow the vegetarian or vegan diet. * excluding recipes based on meat or fish.

Easy to prepare, the Primi di Volpetti since 1870 are first courses that do not require culinary skills or other ingredients in addition to water for cooking.

Dehydration (subtraction of only water contained in food) is perfectly natural and does not alter the characteristics and properties of food.

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